Terms & Conditions

  • Company information

    Our visiting and delivery address:
    Lectus Produktion AB, Verkstadsgatan 2, SE-38336 Monsteras, Sweden
    T: +46 499 44844
    E-mail: info@lectusproduktion.se
    Swedish organisation no: 556297-0029
    VAT-id no: SE556297002901

  • Terms of payment

    Invoice 30 days net. (Full bank details, BIC and IBAN included, are displayed on our invoices).
    Our web shop offers payment by credit card or payment against invoice.

  • Shipping & Delivery

    • Delivery term: DAP – Delivered at place (destination). Incoterms 2010.
    • Buyer to pay duty and VAT.
    • Any other delivery terms are optional and according to agreement between Lectus Produktion and the Buyer.
    • We use several carriers. Our order confirmation will indicate the carrier for your order.
    • Basis for shipping is normally door-to-door delivery.
    • The delivery time indicated in our Order confirmation refers to the date when the shipment is planned to be dispatched from us.
    • If you suspect that the shipment has been damaged during transport it is important that you make a written note when signing for receipt of the delivery. It is equally important that we are informed as soon as possible. Attached pictures are most welcome.
    • Buyers that for some reason refuse delivery should be aware that the return shipping will be at the Buyer’s expense.
  • Returns (for clients within the European Community only)

    • The Buyer has the right of withdrawal. The time period for withdrawal is 14 days, counted from the actual delivery date.
    • The Buyer´s right of withdrawal does not include products that are produced on the basis of an agreed upon special order that differs from the standard products that we offer.
    • It should be noted that return shipping must be paid for by the Buyer.
  • Warranty

    • The warranty period is 12 months and covers faulty material and production errors.
    • If a product is subject to a warranty claim, please notify us immediately.
    • Attached pictures of the faulty product are most welcome. This will help us understand the cause and to fulfill our obligations to the Buyer in a correct and appropriate manner.
  • Privacy

    Lectus Produktion AB will never make personal details available to any other company for marketing purposes.

  • Security

    Sensitive information, such as credit card details, name and address, is fully encrypted and protected according to standards set by our national bank security of information standards. Information passed between your computer and our web shop cannot be read even if intercepted by another party.

    Please note that purchases never involve sending any credit card details to us by email, fax or ordinary mail. Payments by credit card are only processed in our web shop.