Form, function and quality are keywords that describe our very popular folding stool STOCKHOLM II. This item is perfect for visiting museums. Being lightweight – only 1.7 kg – it allows you to carry it right through the exhibition and is very handy when you want to sit down and pause a while.The picture shows STOCKHOLM II at VIDA Konsthall (Museum & Art Gallery), Öland.

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  • New for 2015! Floor stand for 5 folding stools

    Our new floor stand provides a neat solution for storing 5 folding stools and can be used for all our models: STOCKHOLM II, NEW YORK, CHICAGO and SNUPI. The picture shows the floor stand at VIDA Konsthall, Öland.

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  • SNUPI – for the kids

    The colourful folding stool SNUPI is popular among younger museum visitors. SNUPI is perfect to take along when bringing school classes and other groups of children. The picture shows SNUPI at VIDA Konsthall, Öland.

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  • NEW YORK - for staying seated a little longer

    The NEW YORK folding stool is similar to the STOCKHOLM II in its design but has a broader base and offers great sitting comfort thanks to the generous seat. The NEW YORK is an excellent alternative for museums that require a mobile seating solution in connection with for example film showings or lectures of a slightly longer duration.The picture shows the NEW YORK at Kalmar Konstmuseum (Art Museum).

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  • CHICAGO – a neat all round folding stool

    The CHICAGO folding stool is based on the SNUPI design, but has a more generous seat and is higher – 42 cm. The result is an all round folding stool that is just as appropriate for the picnic as for the kitchen table.

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